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We Are The People You Need, Without The Overhead

Facility Services and Equipment Maintenance Experts.

For more than forty years, Interserv’s service management group has procured, repaired and managed restaurant, kitchen and refrigeration equipment for government and private sector clients. From large multi-location clients such as Target, Denny’s and Books-A-Million, to smaller regional ones, our turnkey solutions provide better results with less overhead cost.

Products and Services


  • LCD’S
  • Household Appliances
  • HDTV Upgrades/Installations
  • Kitchen Equipment Installations
  • CRT Liquidation/Relocation Services
  • HVAC Units and Support

Energy Efficiency

  • Audits
  • Weatherization
  • Lighting

Facility Support

  • Supply and Installation
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Mess Halls/Dining Facilities
  • Restaurants


  • Cabling/Telecommunications
  • Computer Systems
  • Networking
  • Mainframes

Value Added Benefits


Administrative needs diminish


Less paperwork for review and approvals


No invoicing


Proactive rather than reactive maintenance


Employees trained on proper equipment use


Reduced capital replacements by prolonging equipment life


Budgeted vs. variations in maintenance cost month to month


Money budgeted for recruitment, supervision, training, benefits, insurance, payroll, etc., can be allocated back to the company’s core business focus


A Single Source for All Your Facility and Equipment Needs.

Instead of using your internal resources, or managing multiple maintenance contractors, Interserv offers a single external resource for all your facilities maintenance and repair needs. From our national operations center in Savannah, GA, we provide continuous facility maintenance, repair and replacement support, including equipment installation, to quick serve, retail store food stops, commercial properties, military bases and convenient store locations nationwide.


Managed Services

  • 24/7 Call Center and Disaster Support
  • Computerized Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance and Base Operation Support Services (BOSS)
  • CMMS
  • Online Service Portals

Call Center Support

Interserv provides 24/7/365 phone support and automated services for dispatching, call management and data tracking, to ensure correct resolutions and minimal downtime.


Equipment Service Agreements

Interserv uses a network of service providers that cover the spectrum of restaurant, convenience store, and commercial property appliances nationwide. All of our service agreements include repairs (parts, labor, travel) along with routine preventive maintenance, and utilize fixed prices to prevent drastic month-to month-variation.


Preventive Maintenance Programs

Interserv offers programs that coordinate the scheduling of all site maintenance activity, arranging for work to be done during non-busy hours. We utilize standard manufacturer recommended checks and balances for most equipment.


Because We Deliver Results!

Clients tell us that we deliver unmatched results, on time and on budget. Our business strategy is simple: we provide an effective maintenance management solution that will help you gain a competitive advantage, by providing one integrated proven effective source for managed maintenance.

Areas We Impact Most

  • Centralized Call Taking and Dispatching
  • 24/7 Operations Center
  • Service Call Management and Follow-up
  • Regularly Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  • Site History and Repair Analysis
  • In-Service and Warranty Data Tracking
  • Centralized Asset Database
  • Internet-based, so customers can do on-demand activity browsing and call updates

Certified Staff Guided By ISO 9000 Quality Controls

Our staff, which consists of Certified Technicians and Service Administrators, must adhere to strict quality assurance standards. They are constantly looking for ways to maximize performance quality and minimize the downtime for our customers.

Quality Assurance Program

Interserv utilizes an ISO 9000 quality system that requires closed loop processes and documented failure and correction procedures. We expect our quality indicators to improve year to year at a minimum rate of 10%, in the following measured areas:

Average response times (overall and client specific)

% of PM completed by due date

Quality rankings of internal and external service providers

% of Failures to % Correct

Client Site Ratings

Client Site Increases vs. Decreases

Let's Get Started

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Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-236-4838, Ext 102

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